Initial Experience

I’ve been using Madcap Flare for the past year or so and even now I feel I still have a way to go before I can claim to be proficient in its use. Fortunately, my client not only paid for the licence, but also forked out for Bronze maintenance. When you consider that this level of support is the lowest offered and costs US$500 each year, I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for it. On the other hand, it has been responsive and very helpful.

Using Flare, I’ve created a large online help system for users of a general insurance broking application.

I’ve been impressed by the power of Flare. It’s well worth spending the time needed to come up to speed.

Unusual Design

At first glance, the user interface (UI) is challenging. Fortunately, there are guides to explain its use. As with most UIs, the average user sticks to a limited subset of the available functions. I have both the Content and Project menus open. These are detachable and I place them them on a separate monitor.

Output Types

Flare works on the principle of “write once, publish anywhere”.

You use a process called “conditioning” to tailor the text to suit an output format instead of having different copies of the same text for different outputs.

The HTML5 output is responsive to the medium on which it is shown (desktop, tablet, and mobile).


Madcap offers a perpetual licence for US$1,448.00 (includes 12 months of Bronze maintenance). Renewing Bronze maintenance is US$500.

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