Add Background to a Single Page (Word)

Sometimes you need a cover page with an image background, but you don’t want to see it replicated on the remaining pages. The way to do this isn’t obvious, and you may end up considering a career change after a frustrated hour or two of fruitless attempts. Thankfully, there is a way.

Begin by placing the cursor in the header area of the first page. Click and then from the Insert ribbon choose Shapes:

Select Rectangle:

Starting as close as possible to the top left corner of the page, drag the cursor to the bottom right corner of the page or as much of the screen as you can see (reducing the magnification to 50% should reveal the entire page):

The white handles on the sides indicate that the shape hasn’t completely filled the page. Click on each one and move it to the edge until it disappears.

Next, right-click on the shape and select Format Shape:

Select Fill and then Picture or texture fill.  You can choose to use an image from a file, the clipboard, or online. We’ll choose File.

The image is dropped onto the shape, and in this example it has filled it.

If the chosen file does not provide a full-sized image but is suitable for tiling, check Tile picture as texture (see Format Picture panel above).

Close the Format Picture panel. Select Close Header and Footer from the Design ribbon and you’re done.

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