Notes and To-do Programs

I use four programs to keep me organised. On my desktop and laptop it is Swift To-Do List; on the desktop : Hott Notes 4; on my desktop, laptop, and mobile phone: Google Keep; and mobile only: Color Notes. I know many others use Evernote or OneDrive, but I find them too cumbersome for my needs.

Swift To-Do List

I’m a long-time user of STDL. It’s a sophisticated repository of permanent data, reminders, and tasks I need to carry out. I use it to store all my personal data,  my software licences, passwords, and anything else I need at my fingertips. It sits in the Windows taskbar ready to be summoned whenever I need it.

Check out the website to get an appreciation of its many capabilities.

Hott Notes 4

This is a sticky notes program. It’s old. The last update I think was in 2017. However, it does a simple job very effectively. See the website for features.

Google Keep

If you have a Google account, this program is well worth considering as a notes program that synchronises desktop and mobile.

Color Notes

Using two programs on my phone to provide essentially the same purpose may seem overkill, but I have a tendency to stuff up my mobile. mainly as a result of forgetting to turn it off. My subsequent movements trigger all sorts of actions, including calls to unsuspecting people in my contacts list. More than a few times I’ve managed to corrupt the contents of Color Notes and Keep.

I tend to use Color Note for permanent data and Google Keep for transient information, like shopping lists.


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