RollerMouse Red Left Button Fix

NOTE: The page that provided the source of the images originally shown in this article has been removed; hence no images are now available.

I mentioned earlier that I had a problem with the left mouse button and that Contour would send a replacement. They did. Following their instructions, I installed the new cover plate and it's working a treat again. If you need to do this at any time, here's the procedure I followed:

Disconnect your RollerMouse Red from any power source before proceeding with the following instructions.

Remove the wrist pad.

A simple twist in this notch here with the tool that came with the RollerMouse will remove the wrist pad. If you do not have the tool a flathead screwdriver is a good replacement.

These two middle screws need to come out from the underside.

Turn the unit over, and pry the button cover off with a flathead screwdriver.

Lift up the button housing from right to left as there are 2 plugs on the left side. Unscrew these 4 screws to separate the board from the buttons.

When placing the new buttons on, line up this notch just in between the scroll wheel and the post where it’s connected.

Make sure the wires are still connected, screw the board back on, making sure it’s nice and tight to reduce excess play with the buttons, snap the buttons back in place, and replace the screws on the back.

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