Outlook 365 Manage Rules and Alerts not working

This morning, when I selected Manage Rules and Alerts, this popped up:

Outlook Manage Rules and Alerts error message

The problem did persist. I reinstalled Office using online repair and the problem remains.

I discovered the problem is quite new. Microsoft is aware of it and working on a solution. For those affected by this issue, we can only wait until the fix is made.

WordPress 5.0 causing “Updating failed” messages

On one of my sites, having updated to WordPress 5.0 and its new Gutenberg editor, I found I couldn’t update a new or changed post. Instead, an “Updating failed” message appeared.

To remedy this, I installed Classic Editor and Classic Editor Addon to replace Gutenberg. In other words, back to how it was in 4.9.

(The Classic Editor Addon prevents accidental activation of Gutenberg.)

Both plugins are available from WordPress. Select Add New from the Plugins menu and enter “Classic” for the Keyword search.