GeneratePress is a free, fast, lightweight theme I work with now instead of other themes I’ve previously bought. I use it in conjunction with the GP Premium plugin, which adds a lot of optional features and control to the theme. (See this post for my review of the plugin.)

With well over a million installations, it’s clear that GeneratePress is a popular theme for WordPress developers. On the WORDPRESS.ORG website, 572 out of 578 reviews awarded it 5 stars. It’s responsive, as all themes should be these days, and can be used as a base for developing your own theme, should you be so inclined, which was Tom Usborne’s original intention.

Tom Usborne is the developer and works full-time on this and related products. He provides excellent support.  His documentation is also comprehensive.

GeneratePress is lightweight because it lacks many features that other themes offer, though it does include Font Awesome. The advantage of this approach is that the theme isn’t laden with features you don’t need. Those you do need can be supplied via plugins.

I’m a big fan of GeneratePress and only wish I’d come across it before shelling out for a variety of paid themes that never quite met my needs.