WordPress 5.0 causing “Updating failed” messages

On one of my sites, having updated to WordPress 5.0 and its new Gutenberg editor, I found I couldn’t update a new or changed post. Instead, an “Updating failed” message appeared.

To remedy this, I installed Classic Editor and Classic Editor Addon to replace Gutenberg. In other words, back to how it was in 4.9.

(The Classic Editor Addon prevents accidental activation of Gutenberg.)

Both plugins are available from WordPress. Select Add New from the Plugins menu and enter “Classic” for the Keyword search.

When to Use Pages, Categories and Tags

When creating content for a new site, the first item to consider is whether it will be shown as a Post or a Page.

A Rule of Thumb

A useful rule of thumb is to make menu items like About, for example, which usually comprises static information, to be created as a page. The other items should be posts, grouped into categories. For example:

Too Many Menu Items?

To avoid too many categories, use Tags within categories. For example, Microsoft Office is a category; Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint are tags.

If you display a tag cloud as a widget in a side column or footer, users can select all posts relating to that tag. For example:

The tag is shown at the end of each post as well. This post has the WordPress tag just below the content.