Where Does Google Keep Passwords?

When you sign up to a new site using Google, if you’ve elected to use the feature, it’s likely you will be prompted to save your user id and password to avoid logging in the next time you use that site. This is a useful feature, but there may be times when you need to prevent it from doing that.

Recently, I discovered a plugin I use had deactivated my licence key and a shorter entry had been inserted. I re-entered the key, but as soon as I saved it, it reverted to the shorter entry, which I rightly guessed was my login password for that site. I needed therefore to tell Google to stop doing that. The problem was that I didn’t know where Google stored this information.

I eventually discovered the location and was able to exclude the site. If you have the same need,  here’s how you fix it.

Select the icon with the vertical three dots at the far right of the toolbar and click on Settings.

This displays the Settings page. Scroll to the bottom and select Advanced. Then scroll to Passwords and Forms. Choose Manage passwords.

Scroll to the site you want to remove.

Click the vertical three-dot icon. Select Remove.

And that’s it.